Web Design


Information today is primarily consumed on the web. A proper website is a necessary investment. If you simply have no time or the experience and want it done quickly, save the trouble and have a designer handle it.


I follow four principles:


1. hook them in

Use full-width pictures and large meaningful text to immediately grab your visitors' attention.


2. make them stay

A modern, aesthetic, and mobile-friendly experience is key to keeping your visitors engaged. Much of the photography will be provided by me. It's been my hobby for years and I enjoy it. 


3. stand out

We sit down and I get to know you. I want your visitors to understand why you started and what you value the most. When you are genuine, people care more and they tend to remember you.


4. one objective

Use fewer words. Keep it simple and get to the point. The less you make your visitors work, the more of your website they will navigate through and the more likely they will be to take action. Focus on just one objective: get them to contact you.


Project showcase: Stewart Medical Group

What do you truly value? It's different for everyone, and I discover that. Your site should reflect who you are, why you started, and what you care about. For the brothers who started this practice decades ago, it is family. Their simple and sincere mission is visibly displayed, while large pictures and text hook the visitor in. The site is modern, aesthetic, and personal. I design all of my sites to be viewed on both a mobile device and desktop computer. Much of the photography is provided by me. Words are kept to a minimum to get the visitor to satisfy just one objective: get them to contact the clinic.”